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Security Statement

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In our efforts to provide web-based banking services to our customers, we understand that the security of your personal and account information is a primary concern. Our goal is to deliver these services in a highly secure environment.  

We employ a number of measures to assist us in offering these banking services in a secure manner. You can be confident of the following security measures:

Secure Communications – The Citizens Bank requires the use of secure browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to protect you while you access our online services. The personal and account information that flows back and forth between your computer and our servers must be encrypted while in transit. Secure browsers are how we achieve this level of protection. Encryption is the process of scrambling information (typically for data transmissions) so that it can only be reassembled in its original format by someone who has the correct encryption key to do so. The Citizens Bank only supports browsers that have 128-bit encryption technology and uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt the data.   

Secure Environment – The Citizens Bank employs an additional protection mechanism known as a firewall to protect our computer system and your information. A firewall is a combination of software and hardware that is programmed to allow only “authorized” traffic (i.e. you, our online customer) through to The Citizens Bank’s system.

Authenticity – Enhanced online security is provided for our Internet Banking customers that verifies identity in two ways. Every time you log in to Internet Banking the bank identifies you and it lets you identify the bank by using a private image and a pass phrase that is unique to each individual Internet Banking user. 

Password – You will be responsible for maintaining one of the most important security measures, your password. Never reveal you password to anyone. Change you password on a regular basis using a strong password each time.  It is not recommended you carry your password in your purse or wallet. Be assured that The Citizens Bank will not call or email you asking for your password or personal information. Beware of such Phishing schemes and do not give out any account information or personal information to such inquirers. Never leave your online session without logging out. Do not use the BACK button to exit the site. Use the LOGOUT button to end each session. This will end your session properly and will not leave your computer available for a hacker.

ID Theft & Phishing

The Citizens Bank wants to make you aware of daily things you can do to protect yourself from ID theft. 

*Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

*Shred all materials in a home shredder that have important information on them such as your full name, date of birth, account numbers, etc.  Individuals have had their identities stolen from "dumpster divers".

*Never share your full Social Security number with any one through email. Email is not a secure method of transferring confidential information of ANY kind. 

Check your credit report at least annually to dispute any possible discrepancies. You can obtain a free yearly credit report by clicking here.

Our promise: The Citizens Bank will NEVER contact you through email for confidential information such as your account number or Social Security number. If you receive such an email from us please call us immediately to notify us as this is a common tactic known as "phishing." If we need to update such information about you we will contact you through more secure methods.

For more information on ID theft please visit the Federal Trade Commission.

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